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Application of Blockchain in Clinical Research

June 27th, 2019             11:30am - 12:30pm

During clinical trials, human biological samples are collected at clinical investigator sites over an extended period. Flawless administration of the chain of custody is critical to sample management because correct handling impacts both the course and results of clinical trials. Defective sample management can involve missing or contaminated samples, incomplete data, delays in reporting results, and substandard logistics. This leads to higher costs, lack of transparency, and other problems that can be avoided with the use of better technology like DLT.

Q2 Solutions, a leading global clinical trial laboratory services organization that helps customers achieve better clinical trial outcomes, conducted a sample tracking proof-of-concept (POC) using distributed ledger technology (DLT, aka “blockchain”) in partnership with HSBlox, Inc. The goal of the POC was to explore real-time tracking of human biological samples in clinical trials. The POC simulated collection, transportation, test result generation, and storage of the sample.

For the POC, HSBlox’s patent-pending Digital Sample Manager (DSM™) solution utilized R3’s Corda platform and was deployed in the Microsoft Azure cloud.



Stephanie Perez 

Associate Director of Partnerships, R3

Stephanie Perez is an Associate Director of Partnerships at R3. At R3, Stephanie manages the ecosystem of 250 technology partners building applications on R3’s enterprise blockchain platform, Corda. Stephanie also leads the healthcare and life sciences industry vertical. Prior to R3, Stephanie worked in strategy and corporate development at Verifone and MasterCard. Stephanie holds a B.A. in Government from Harvard University. 




Jian Wang

VP, Head of Digital Innovation at Q2 Solutions

Dr. Jian Wang received his Ph.D. in Bioengineering from the University of Washington.  For the past 20+ years, Dr. Wang developed several software products with customers in academia, government and the pharmaceutical industry. Jian has deep knowledge in the rapidly evolving field of precision medicine and its associated biomarker-driven clinical trials. He delights in applying his experience to help researchers solving real-world problems.  Jian believes that we can cure many, if not most, of the devastating diseases that humanity suffers from within our children's generation - he and his colleagues at Q2 Solutions are passionate about making this a reality.  


Lynn Carroll

Chief of Strategy & Operations, HSBLOX

Lynn has over 25+ years of experience in health insurance and financial technology. He is a creative leader and innovator in healthcare reimbursement strategy and electronic payments.  Most recently, Lynn served as Chief Product Officer at Payspan, Inc., where he led the creation of the healthcare industry’s largest B2B electronic payments platform, and the technology-enabled initiatives with insurance carriers, healthcare providers, and financial institutions.  With the increasing focus on consumer engagement and alternative payment models, Lynn is leading HSBlox’s design of blockchain solutions for the healthcare ecosystem. Lynn holds a B.S. in  Finance from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. 


David Houlding MSc CISSP CIPP

Principal Healthcare Lead, Microsoft Azure 

David has more than 24 years of experience in healthcare spanning provider, payer, pharmaceutical, and life sciences segments worldwide, and has deep experience and expertise in blockchain, cloud computing, privacy, security, compliance, and AI / ML. David currently serves as Chair of the HIMSS Blockchain in Healthcare Task Force, a group of ~100 leaders from across healthcare worldwide, collaborating to advance blockchain in healthcare. David also currently serves as an advisor to both the British Blockchain Association and Lifeboat Foundation. David has led the successful creation and deployment of a wide range of solutions to help reduce the cost of healthcare, improve patient outcomes, experiences, and engagement. Prior to joining Microsoft in 2018 David served for over 10 years at Intel Health & Life Sciences where he was the Director of Healthcare Privacy & Security, responsible for enabling healthcare organizations worldwide to achieve compliance with regulations and data protection laws, and implement effective privacy and security programs. In his current role at Microsoft, David works with key partners and industry influencers to enable healthcare organizations make use of cloud computing and related technologies to reduce healthcare costs, and enable new transformative healthcare use cases to improve patient outcomes, leveraging strategic technologies such as such as AI / ML, blockchain, IoMT (Internet of Medical Things), and others. David has a proven track record for innovation with 5 patents granted by the USPTO. David currently holds the CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional), and CIPP (Certified Information Privacy Professional) credentials, and has a Master of Applied Science in Data Compression and Digital Signal Processing from Simon Fraser University, Canada.

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